Basic home remedies for combating Psoriasis

Basic home remedies for combating Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an ailment caused by the malfunctioning of the immune system, resulting in the development of scaly and itchy red patches on the skin. Even though the exact causes are unknown, the disease is generally thought to be a genetic disorder. Let us look at ways by which you can help yourself in dealing with Psoriasis.


  • Sunlight exposure

Experts believe that sunlight exposure can help significantly in reducing the affected skin area. Sunscreen must be used however before exposing skin to the solar rays, since there is a risk of cancer associated with direct exposure to sunlight.

  • Using moisturizers

Moisturizers greatly alleviate the red patches formed in Psoriasis. Aloe Vera serves as an excellent soothing agent in this case. Lotions and gels carrying menthol will also provide a cooling sensation if applied regularly.


  • Covering your skin

Skin covering also represents an effective way of treating Psoriasis. You should tape or patch the skin and keep it in that condition overnight for getting relief. However, two aspects must be taken into consideration. Firstly, a moisturizer must be applied before taping or patching the area and secondly, care must be taken so as to ensure that the skin area is not infected.

  • Exercise

Exercise, as always, remains a potent form of treating Psoriasis. Experts have identified obesity as a major cause leading towards Psoriasis. Exercise can help you to reduce your weight and in turn effectively help you in combating Psoriasis. Also, stress must be well managed by means such as meditation since it leads to panic amongst the affected patients. Psoriasis patients are often encouraged to indulge in stress relieving and enjoyable activities to alleviate their stress level.


Since Psoriasis is a genetic disorder, it is a given that the disorder can be cured effectively by using medication. However, self-treatment methods listed above also provide a great deal of relief in combating the disease. These self-defense methods act as supplementary mechanisms to the medication process in alleviating the anguish caused by the disease. It is necessary for any Psoriasis patient to follow these methods, since they are extremely critical in protecting your skin.


Psoriasis is an immunity system disorder wherein patient’s skin develops itchy and scaly red colored patches. Even though medication remains the best way of treatment, self-treatment mechanisms such as sunlight exposure, skin moisturizing and exercising help greatly in the fight against Psoriasis.

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