Best food to prevent cognitive decline

prevent cognitive decline

We have been knowing since ancient time that our lifestyle decides the health of our heart. But now, scientists are proposing that the same is applicable to the functional aspects of our brains as well. A team of researchers from the University of Rush Medical Center in Chicago proposed a list of a certain food to prevent cognitive decline. The proposed MIND diet has been highly acknowledged by the scientific community for its ability to reduce Alzheimer’s risk almost by 53 percent.

What’s in the mind?

prevent cognitive decline

Same as every vital organ in our body, the human brain requires a lot of nutrients to continue its functional aspects, in an appropriate manner. It is comprised of a network of neuronal cells that are responsible for the processing of important information and passing them to different organs of the body. The cells are produced through certain raw materials that are being obtained from the food we eat. Thus, it is important to prioritize certain food to prevent cognitive decline and boost brain health further.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer, also being identified to be as dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder, characterized with the progressive memory loss; due to the production of protein flakes in between the brain network. Due to the production of these flakes, the signal transmission through neurons is halted, leading to massive neuronal death.

Thus, instead of leaving your brain health in a question mark, it is always better to take control over your lifestyle by adding this food to prevent cognitive decline; and fight dementia further.

Food to prevent cognitive decline

As per the data collected from various research from different corners of the globe, researchers have come up with the information suggesting different types of food that need to be incorporated in daily lifestyle to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia; and can be noted as:

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

As suggested in varied literature, dark chocolate is a strong anti-oxidant, acting as a scavenger of free radicals generated through lifestyle effects; and further delays tissue aging or disease condition. Antioxidants should primarily be listed as a top priority, in order to prevent functional loss of brain cells. This can be achieved through reduction of the oxidative stress and protecting the blood-brain barrier further.


Scientists have identified liver to be one of the best sources of vitamin B12; which is further necessary for error-free DNA synthesis. A number of studies have further supported the fact that vitamin B12 levels are severely declined in Alzheimer’s patients and hence further suggested consumption of different food to prevent cognitive decline, like sardines, beef, salmon etc.


Almonds are being recognized to be as one of the best food to prevent cognitive decline, due to their magnesium content. Many of us should be aware of the fact that depletion of the magnesium levels from the body can be associated with the loss of memory or dementia. Moreover, studies have revealed that Alzheimer’s patients are found to be lacking magnesium; and are being offered synthetic magnesium supplementation, in order to boost brain health.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are full of vitamins that are known to be boosting brain function. A study in this regard was conducted by a team of experts using 45 patients between the age of 58 years to 99 years; the primary diet for these participants was found to be kale and after three months of follow-up, all of them have reportedly experienced 11 years younger memory.

Low or moderate amount of alcohol

moderate amount of alcohol

Some people may find it somewhat controversial since there are lost of risk as per expert’s suggestions. However, multiple studies have been conducted with the proposition and are supporting the same, which further demonstrated that those who are habitual of having light to moderate amount of alcohol can prevent the production of protein flakes due to an important component, named to be as resveratrol.


Studies have revealed the possibility that mice when fed on a cinnamon diet for a period of two to three months, showed considerable improvement in their cognitive functions. The cinnamon mainly thought to be responsible for clearing protein depositions that are responsible for halting passage of signals. 

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

A diet full of fruits and fresh vegetables is always suggested for a healthy heart and the same goes for a better cognitive function, as well. Always see to it that you load your plate with all types of colorful vegetables and your daily quota of essential vitamins and nutrients will always be taken care of. In this regard, multiple studies have been conducted and have supported the fact that healthy and nutritious food can prevent cognitive decline.

A bottom line

Studies have revealed the possibilities of multiple genetic as well as environmental factors to be responsible for the progressive decline in cognitive functions, still, the food that we choose has a lot of good as well as the bad impact on our metabolic functions, and thereby on several important organs, like heart and the brain. And hence, we should always treat ourselves with healthy food and well-balanced lifestyle.

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