Checking for symptoms and signs of Dysgeusia

Dysgeusia is an uncommon problem that includes abnormal change of taste in people. People with this type of disorder may experience bad, metallic, salty, rancid, and foul taste in their mouth. The sensation of taste and smell are related to each other and when something went wrong with them then it can lead to problems like bad taste or dysgeusia.

The taste disorder can be a result of decreased smell sense and damage to brain or nervous system. In dysgeusia, people experience bad taste or phantom taste in the mouth that does not go away.

Causes of Dysgeusia or Bad Taste

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Major causes for bad taste syndrome may include health conditions like brain tumor, bell palsy, flu, gum problems, dental diseases, smoking, throat disorders, stroke, and upper respiratory tract infection. These factors can affect the taste and the taste sense of an individual. Old age people are at the higher risk of Dysgeusia.

Symptoms and signs            

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Change in taste is the only symptom for Dysgeusia. To check your symptoms and signs for taste disorders the only thing that you can check is the taste that you often experience. If you experience salty, metallic, and bad taste for a long time then it simply means that you are suffering from Dysgeusia. It is a time to see a doctor who will prescribe effective medicines for this problem.

To diagnose the problem, doctor may ask for your medical history and will examine you. The doctor will ask some common questions and will ask for the possible causes of the problem. After proper examination the doctor will prescribe some medicines to treat the problem. Blood tests and saliva are the major tests to diagnose the problem.

The duration of the problem often depends on is causes. If the causes are smoking, flu, and infection then it can affect you for a short time. Sometimes the bad taste disorder may cause for a short time and then disappears. Dysgeusia should disappear after the possible cause is properly treated. If nerve damage is the major reason behind taste disorder then dysgeusia may be permanent.

Good oral hygiene, quitting smoking, getting regular dental care, and other things will help an individual to prevent several taste disorders.


Taste disorder or Dysgeusia can occur because of smoking, dental problems, flu, infection, and other problems. If a person experience change in taste or bad taste for long time then he should see a specialist to treat the problem.

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