Vital health checks to save your life

Vital health checks to save your life

Health is Wealth, wise men have rightly said. In today’s world, calling yourself healthy judging by your external appearance is not always right. Today’s fast lifestyle, eating habits and sub nutritional food can cause unnoticeable harm to your internal organs. Internal functioning of the body cannot be accurately examined without certain tests. So it is always advisable to keep a note of regular health checks to be done at home by yourself and seek professional help if something unnoticed arises. Following are some of checks for your reference:-

  • Stress Level

This is most common problem with every individual these days ranging from kids to senior people. To check your stress level ask yourself simple questions like do you suffer from frequent headaches, do you feel out of control or panicked sometimes, do you need some unnatural intake to relieve yourself like smoking, drinking or overeating, do you have problem sleeping etc. If these are happening, it is time to visit a consultant and change your lifestyle to cope up with stress.


  • Weight Check

Body weight should be constantly monitored for any increase or decrease without a known reason. Thyroid plays an important role in your weight gain or loss. This needs to be checked for any irregularities in thyroid level of the body.

  • Teeth and Gums

Problems with bad teeth and gums have been found to link to other organs of the body like heart, lungs etc. Always check for cavities and swollen gums. Gum infections can become contagious to other organs via bloodstream.


  • Skin

Skin is the largest organ of human body and shows vital signs of any problem across body. Always check for unusual dryness, any dark or light patches, changing moles. If there are any of these symptoms, don’t wait to see a doctor.

  • Urine

Our urine can give us a detailed analysis of various internal organs’ performance. Other than pregnancy, it tells us about water deficiencies in the body, bacterial infection, diabetes, deficiency of minerals and vitamins etc. One can check for color, odor, any solid content in the urine etc at home before going for professional urine tests.


  • Hands & Nails

If your hands turn white or blue on holding something cold for 30 seconds that means blood circulation is not good. White patches inside our nails tell about deficiency of calcium. Iron deficiency is evitable from shape of nails like a spoon. Also, bruises or swellings around the base of nails can cause bacterial infection to enter through them.

These simple checks regularly can help any individual to be vigilant about anything going wrong inside the body and seek preventive cure on time.

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