Critical first aid equipment you should always keep with you

First Aid is a critical skill and something that everyone should be encouraged to learn. Quite simply you never know when you are going to be needed to intervene in a life-threatening situation to try and save a life. It is obviously not a situation that anyone ever wants to be in, but similarly, if you are in a situation where a competent first-responder is needed it is a whole lot better to know what to do than to have to stand around and watch a person die.

But first aid is not just about knowledge, it is also about equipment and having the right tools available to perform that job that is required. With that in mind, here are a few key items that you should always try to have access to if you are trained and prepped to perform first aid. 

Beware of the blood

Ansell surgical gloves

A blood barrier between you and the injured person is usually a good idea – certainly in the event that you have cuts or open wounds on your hands or body as well. This can often be the case of accident scenes where there are sharp metal edges or broken glass. Ansell surgical gloves are the ideal item to have available. Simple to slip on and they will give you the security of knowing that you are protected from the transmission of bloodborne diseases like HIV and hepatitis. 

Two-way valve

This is a very important item in the event that you are going to be performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If you know the person on whom you are performing the procedure then it is okay to go ahead without the barrier, but if not, it can be a risk. In certain places, first aiders are warned to stick to chest compressions only in the event that they don’t have a valve with them. Again, it is the threat of disease transmission that has led to the need for this item. Often unconscious people will vomit on resuscitation, especially if they have choked or have fluid in their lungs and this can be a dangerous and unpleasant experience if a person is breathing into their mouth at the time. 

Space blanket

Space blanket

This is a very simple item that can be the difference between life and death when out in the wild. Made of light foil it is designed for keeping a person warm and it should be used in cases of shock or hypothermia. It is certainly not meant to be slept under for fun, but it does a great job of keeping a person warm and, often, alive. 

Your wits

A person who has been trained in first aid is a huge asset in an emergency situation as long as they remember their training and stay calm. Obviously, people who work in ambulances or the fore department are familiar with performing first aid on a regular basis. But for the average person in the street who has gone on a course, first aid is not something that is done often – or perhaps ever. So, when the big moment comes, breathe deeply and bring what you have got. Focus and stay calm. And do your best with the resources that you have available.

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