Dianabol benefits for bodybuilders that they definitely need to know about

Dianabol benefits for bodybuilders

People get into bodybuilding as a career for high stakes, fame and money but not everyone can go to the top. It requires utmost commitment and hard work in a gym. If a person is naturally gifted with the requisite amount of muscle, then it is only a question of working out the muscle via exercise in a gym. However, if they want to become bodybuilders, then help is readily available via steroids. These are called Anabolic steroids which when taken, help muscles grow and also help them get extra strength and stamina. But all this comes at a cost; so, before embarking on this journey, one should be familiar with the pros and cons of using them.

Dianabol for Bodybuilding

The chemical compound that makes up Dianabol is called Methandrostenolone. This is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS) and a very potent one at that. This hormone is responsible for metabolism and growth in humans and is also a male hormone. This was synthesized in a lab by CIBA Labs in the year 1954. Primarily it was used to treat what is considered as Hypogonadism in adults. Even though it was useful, it was later discontinued for its side effects. The drug came into focus in the field of sports for its use in the 1956 Olympics by the Soviet Bloc countries when they dominated the games. In 1960 Olympics, the US also tried it but soon the governing bodies banned the drug. Today, Dianabol is one of the common steroids used by people to gain weight.

Dianabol Effects

The steroid is available in tablet and injectable forms. Once consumed, it passes through the liver without much destruction. On entering the bloodstream, it binds to Androgen Receptors and activates the associated functions. Due to this, protein synthesis, muscle mass, bone density, and glycogenolysis occur. The individual results may depend on many factors like dosage, diet and exercise; however, usually, a user can expect a 10-30 lb of weight gain.

Side Effects

Steroids are well known for their faster results and also for their side effects. As a medical drug, Dianabol was discontinued for its side effects, which include aggression, irritation, change in skin color or tone, high BP and change in cholesterol levels. On a serious note, men may experience enlarged breasts due to the aromatizing effect of Testosterone which is converted into Estrogen. Both men and women may experience liver toxicity and damage if the doses are high and used for long times than required. Hence Dianabol is taken for a short while and then stacked with other anabolic steroids that contain esters like Trenbolone Acetate or Testosterone Cypionate.

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