DIY health hacks that can keep you more comfortable and fit

Sometimes things are not that hard as you think them to be. For instance, everyday health issues, you tend to focus on them much more than they deserve. You need not do so, as there are ample of health hacks that can help you cure health issues in a fun way. Here are some of them:

A cup of coffee for a better nap

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We all take power naps in hope to do better in work after that but many a times, the naps leave us more sleepy and lethargic. However, if you drink a cup of coffee just before your power nap, you will sleep well and not experience the laziness once you wake up.

Rub your ears for instant energy boost

Ear Reflexology

You are trying had to concentrate on your work in office but you are feeling so inactive and sleepy. You have already had a cup or two of tea hoping you it will make you all active but all in vain. Now simply try rubbing your ears well, as if you are pressing pressure points of your ears, and to your surprise, within a minute or so you will be back in your active and refreshed state.

Avoid energy drinks when you are exhausted

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You seek an energy drink when you feel exhausted but you should not be doing so. They do make you feel energetic as they contain five times more caffeine than a cup of coffee. The energy boost that they provide you comes with irritability, nervousness, and rapid heartbeat, that give you an illusion of feeling all energetic. When its fake energy boosting experience subsides, it makes you feel even more tired and exhausted than you actually were initially.

Try whiskey for sore throat

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Why waste so much of money of cough syrups and medicines to cure sore throat when you can do the same with the help of a spoon of whiskey. Just mix a spoon of it in a glass of luke warm water and gargle. It will instantly soothe your sore throat.

Chew gum to reduce your appetite

Chew gum

You are someone who is fed up with the habit of munching the entire day. You sit to work but your incessant urge to munch something or the other disturbs you, is making you put on weight, and you are depressed about it. Well, do not be sad as you can get rid of this pestering habit easily by simply chewing gum for most of the time in a day. It naturally reduces your appetite, which means no more annoying urges and temptations to eat stuff.

DIY health hacks and tricks help cure so many every day health issues without taking much time and energy of yours.

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