DIY tips for handling emotional eating and binging

The importance of following a proper diet chart has been emphasized enough but most of the times no one takes into account the impact of emotions on eating habits. According to several scientific studies, people who have a weak digestion system are very sensitive. These people get stressed by the personal and emotional issues of their lives easily.

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They are even affected by a negative environment and circumstances. Emotionally sensitive people are more connected with their bodies and their digestive systems. As a result, when they are upset or depressed or sad it directly impacts their eating habits. This can lead to regular and chronic problems in digestion and absorption of food. Chronic digestive problems can deteriorate an individual’s health and keep them from enjoying a normal lifestyle.

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You have probably experienced a time when despite of hunger you have not felt like eating because of some emotional issues. When we are depressed or upset, food is the last thing we want. The opposite happens too especially in the case of women. When a woman is emotionally distressed but the anxiety is gone then she seeks comfort from food. In times of breakup comforting ice-creams, Oreos, and fast food consisting of oodles of cheese are all we can think of. Such binge eating habits can be categorized under emotional eating. Emotional eating can become a disastrous habit for you. It can disrupt your diet plans and damage digestion. Eating too much and starving yourself are both bad for your health and digestion.

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Emotions originate inside the body and scientists believe that the gut movements govern our emotions. Constipation often causes mood swings and invokes feelings of irritation. When the gut is functioning properly, it becomes easier for an individual to deal with his or her emotional issues. Meditation is a proven method of bringing a balance between your soul and body. It helps you communicate positive emotions to the body so that it functions properly, irrespective of the surrounding environment and the adverse emotional circumstances.

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It is also necessary to understand your reactions and actions completely. If you feel bothered by something question your feelings and deal with them. Sometimes irritation, frustration and sadness are caused by reasons that we don’t acknowledge. The moment you accept them and face the odds, things become clearer. Take steps for achieving better emotional intelligence so that you can prevent your emotions from adversely affecting your health and digestion.

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