DIY tips to quick healing of a broken bone

Human is not only mortal but also fragile. A mere accident is capable of dislodging or breaking human bone. It takes weeks to heal a broken bone and make it function the way it is supposed to. Healing a broken bone also depends on the age, health, nutrition intake, and blood flow to the body parts. However, a good treatment, medication and care help it heal faster. Let us discuss few tips that can be followed to heal a broken bone effectively and quickly.


Taking Balanced Diet

During the healing process of the bone, diet plays an important role in determining the time required to heal the bone.  The nutrients required to maintain the bone health must be consumed to get healthy bones. If you are having a broken bone, the nutrients help your bone recover fast. You may consult a nutritionist to know the balanced diet that needs to be consumed during recovering from broken bones.


Following Treatment Prescription

You need to follow your doctor’s advice if you want to recover soon. Adhere to the instruction given by your doctor else, you may get delayed results. If your doctor advices you to use crutches, you should follow him without neglecting. You should not work or do any work taking the support of a broken bone as it may engrave your condition.

Taking Calcium

As all of us are aware of the usability of calcium in bone building, maintenance, and healing, you need to take adequate amount of calcium to help your bones heal faster. However, you should not take an overdose of calcium without consulting a physician. Overdose of calcium may spoil the nutrient balance required to heal your bones. You may go for natural calcium. If you are taking calcium tablets, then better to consult your doctor about the dosage.


Quit Smoking

It has been clinically proved that people who smoke usually take more time to recover from a broken bone. Though it is a controversial topic, it is advised by doctors to cease smoking until you regain the health of your bones. Smoking is believed to affect healing of bones as it nicotine does not let normal blood flow in the body. Blood does not reach the bones in an adequate amount and this delays healing. The bone does not get the necessary amount of nutrients it required to be healed. Therefore, if you quit smoking, you may enjoy a goo bone health.

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