Sexual relationship is not only the medium to find sexual pleasure or reproduction. It is also useful in providing a sound health due to its positive impact on health. Many of us are not even aware of the benefits of having frequent sexual intercourse. A study claims that most of the women are involved in sexual relationship just because of obligation as they are not aware of the benefits and pleasure that can be derived from sex. A monogamous and stable relationship can help you in many ways making you physically, mentally, and emotionally active and strong. Sexual relationship provides you with many health benefits. Let us discuss few of the benefits of having regular sex.


Stress Relief

Sexual intercourse has been clinically proved to be the best medicine for stress relief. Sex does enhance your ability for better hormone secretion. During a sexual intercourse, oxytocin and endorphin are secreted and these hormones help you feel better physically and mentally.

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Physical Workout

Studies suggest that having sex may reduce your weight up to few pounds as it helps you burn around 85 to 250 calories every time you get engaged in making sexual relationship with your partner. Different positions during having sex can also help you strengthen your muscles. Making love also helps you improving your cardio vascular conditions. You need not control your diet or make yourself sweat in gym to reduce the extra pound when you can reduce it with gaining pleasure.

Improved Immunity

The immunity level of the body is controlled by immunoglobulin A, which can be adequately secreted because of sexual intercourse. Sex also helps you avoid cold and flu.

Enhanced Sleep

Sex also regulates your sleeping hours. Regular sex provides you with a better sleep by eradicating insomnia from your life. You can always enjoy a sound sleep after having a good sex.


Younger Look

The results of studies and survey reflects that people who have frequent sexual intercourse, look younger and better than those who do not have sex regularly. You may be the proud owner of shining hair, glowing complexion, and bright eyes even though you have started aging. This happens because sexual intercourse or orgasm helps you gain energy through secretion of oxytocin. It has also been proved that people having sex four times in a week are less prone to cardio vascular diseases.

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Natural Pain Relief

Having sex can naturally heal you from different kinds of pains such as back pain, arthritis and even menstrual cycle related pain.

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