Employing DIY remedies to kick the troubles of nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are usually annoying but harmless occurrences that frighten people, as they find it sick to see blood trickling down their nose. It happens in children, adults, and elderly, and the difference lies in the intensity of bleeding, as in sometimes a tiny trickle of blood comes out and the other times it is a big gush.

nasal allergies

Our inner nose is a highly sensitive area with hundreds of blood vessels, which do not tolerate even the slightest disturbance sometimes. Conditions and activities like trauma, nose picking, high altitude, age factor, allergies, rubbing, and nose blowing are the most common reasons behind nosebleeds. It is scary, but you need not worry much, as you can cure nosebleeds with these following DIY remedies that are easy to follow and highly effective in results.

Consider the Zinc factor

snack rich in zinc

Zinc is a nutrient that has several benefits including one to maintain body’s blood vessels. So to cure nose bleeds you can have foods rich in zinc. You can start your day with whole wheat bread in the morning that is high in zinc. Brown rice is also beneficial, and popcorn is a healthy snack rich in zinc.

Install a humidifier

Girl reading book on the background of humidifier

If you notice a particular time and pattern of the nosebleed occurrence, as in your child experiences nose bleeding every night in his room, consider the humidity and dryness in his room. Dryness is a major reason responsible for nose bleeding, you can install a humidifier in the room and turn it on every night and turn it off the next morning.

Pinching nose

What is that smell?

One of the simplest yet highly effective remedies that cure nose bleeding is to pinch your nose. Tilt your head forward and pinch your nose just below the bone, not too hard. Hold this position for about two to three minutes, and ensure you do not blow out your nose for some time.

Vitamin C

consuming juice

Vitamin C is of tremendous help in maintaining fine skin quality, as it helps collagen production. Collagen forms moist lining in our inner nose that prevents nosebleeds. Therefore, having fruits and juices rich in vitamin C is good, as it cures nosebleeds effectively.

Nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigation uses salt to clear inner nasal passage from dirt, pollens, mucus, and other allergenic components, eventually soothing the nasal membrane and preventing nosebleed possibilities.

Numerous reasons give rise to nosebleeds and they are scary but with a little effort and awareness, one can cure it without any professional medical help.

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