Latest innovations in implants for people with paralysis

A person suffering from paralysis is at the mercy of the care of others and leads a painful life. However there have been some interesting healthcare advancement in treating paralysis of late and we hope further studies will bear even more successful results. Here are some such implants for people with paralysis that are expected to get better over time and eradicates for good, the menace of paralysis.

How implants for people with paralysis work

 spinal cord injuries

These implants are a magic tool for people who have been paralyzed with certain spinal cord injuries, and give them a chance to be up on their feet and walk again. This basically helps in the signals to the leg from the brain to be ably transmitted again. There is an electrical patch which is fitted to the spinal cords of the patient and the process is known as epidural stimulation. This has proven to be a success in several such cases and has worked wonders for many patients.

The making of the device

Before developing this device the goal was to manage the excruciating pain.  It comprised of 16 electrodes and is situated right below the injury site. The target is to cover up the area sending the sensory motor signals to the legs. This is then provided with a battery which is implanted in the insides of the abdominal wall. This permits the stimulation being wirelessly controlled.

Once this device is activated, the signals from the brain are helped on their way to reach target muscles. This enables the person who was paralyzed for long to be able to voluntarily take charge of their own movements and control them.

Does the device repair the damage?

paralysis woman

Unfortunately this device is not capable of repairing the damage that has been caused.  What it does is that it helps the brain signals in circumventing the damage. So, while this latest treatment for paralysis 2018 is of great help to those who had lost the use of their legs, it does not really address the main damage. For that medical science may have to wait a while more.

Does the device show quick results?

The results are not overnight for you to see. While these implants for people with paralysis do work on a large number of people, the process is not overnight. Many have needed rigorous and long time periods of physical therapy alongside this device to get their results.

Unfortunately, even the results are not guaranteed for every individual using this device. Two of those participating in this experiment did not find results from this device. However, their standing and staying upright was significantly improved following the use of this device. So these latest implants for the spinal cord are effective in one way or the other.

How the device works

How the device works

During the first week of using these implants for people with paralysis, the trainer’s assistance is mandatory as the patient takes the first few steps in his walk. The weight shifts at the hips and the stance here focuses on the knees. Even the swing, while working with these latest implants for the spinal cord, are focused on the knees more than anything. It is important to be careful that there exists no loss of balance as it can cause a fall and add on to the already existing injuries.

By the 25th week on continuation the walking gets drastically better. While there must still be enough assistance on the part of the trainer, the walk is much more stable and the weight shifting at the hips or the movements, become a lot steadier. Like we said however this does not work on every individual but positively affects all.

Path ahead

These latest implants for the spinal cord are path breaking no doubt, and they also provide a good chance for those losing out on hope to start walking. There lies a long road ahead where the working mechanisms of this device can be better understood. This would lead to a situation where implants for people with paralysis can be bettered further with the device working faster and better on every individual.

Final words

These latest treatments for paralysis 2018 are indeed revolutionary and can change the lives of those suffering for the better. Illness or a sudden accident very often results in paralyzing the victim and healthcare advancement in treating paralysis, is a ray of hope for all such patients in the future. Who knows; maybe with more innovations in medical science, paralysis can be made a thing of the past in the times to come! Our best wishes in this regard!

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