Home remedies to deal with breast milk deficiency in new mothers

Breast milk is the sole nutritional source in the initial days and a very important source even later as well. One thing that often makes lactating women worry is whether their body is producing enough milk to suit their baby’s nutritional demand or not. If you get to know that your body is lacking in milk production, you can try out some of the following home remedies that certainly enhance the quality and flow of your breast milk.


three garlic heads in woman hand isolated

Garlic literally has no dearth of curative properties to offer us, and increasing the milk supply in lactating mothers is of those many curative properties of garlic. Lactating mothers must include garlic in their diet, as it helps increase milk production; probably this is why garlic milk used to be given to women as a post-delivery drink.

Red vegetables

sweet potatoes  benefits

Red vegetables have a very close relation to the quality of milk production in nursing mothers, the more their consumption; the better is the milk production. Carrots, beetroot, and sweet potatoes are some red vegetables that contain beta-carotene that is good for your baby and you. These red vegetables enhance milk production.

Nuts and dried fruits

Cashew nuts in woman's hands

Lactating mothers must nuts and dried fruits in sufficient amount because they boost breast milk production. If dried fruits do not suit you, soak them overnight, blend them in a glass of milk next morning, and have. You can include dried fruits to some dishes that are especially made for the nursing mothers because they help mothers produce sufficient milk for their baby.

Keep yourself hydrated

Sufficient intake of water

Regular intake of fluids is of utmost importance for a nursing mother because they help in the production of breast milk, which is also a liquid. Every lactating mother must be very careful and ensure that she drinks enough water every day, especially before and after breastfeeding sessions.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are one thing that lactating mothers have been using since ages to increase their breast milk production. Fenugreek seeds are loaded with iron, calcium, minerals and vitamins, and these all work wonders for the adequate milk production on the bodies of lactating mothers.

Black sesame seeds

 Black sesame

Black sesame seeds are loaded with calcium and other nutrients like copper, which play an integral role in enhancing breast milk production in women. You must add them to your diet in any form you like and experience perfect milk production for your baby.

Home remedies have been benefitting lactating mothers since times immemorial. Some of them help mothers to produce adequate amounts of breast milk that suits their baby’s nutritive requirement.

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