How to turn your fitness addiction into a career

Your gym habit has progressed to twice a day, six days a week. Protein shakes are your poison of choice, and meal prep for the week ahead is how you get your Sunday kicks. Your lifestyle is one of structures and disciplines that make the uninitiated roll their eyes. And you don’t care because the gym isn’t just your best friend – it’s your therapist, biggest supporter and ultimate motivator. 

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You’re a self-confessed fitness addict, and proudly so. You are in love with the bursting energy at the gym that keeps you going. But if you spend most of your working day dreaming about achieving workout goals and mentally perfecting healthy versions of your favourite meals, it’s time you considered taking your commitment to the next level.

Turning your fitness addiction into a career is easier than you think. Follow our advice and you’ll soon be committing to the gym fulltime.

First things first – get qualified

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Whether you want to become a personal trainer or start your own gym franchise, having an accredited qualification to your name is essential. Credibility is the only thing that’ll set you apart from the hundreds of self-proclaimed fitness gurus out there.

There are several types of fitness courses available online that’ll give you the confidence to kickstart your new career. The best thing is that you decide when to study, so you won’t have to compromise on quality workout time.

Remember to be patient once you’re qualified, as it takes time to attract clients. Accept that in the beginning, being a personal trainer will likely consist of evening or weekend work that supplements your fulltime wage.

Become a modern fitness icon

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Instagram is a great way to put your name out there, attract a pool of followers and engage with potential future clients. The fitness industry has exploited social media to the max so it’s a crowded market, but the flip side is that you have a constant flow of information on the latest trends and technology right at your fingertips.

Keeping your finger on the pulse will allow you to communicate directly with the market, and might just help you identify a unique angle for your future fitness brand.

Kayla Itsines did exactly that, and is the perfect social media role model. She cottoned on to the fact that women everywhere were using photos of her abs as workout inspiration and developed her own Bikini Body Guide. She now has her own app and is the widely accepted queen of the Instafit world.

Ultimately there are no shortcuts – it’ll take hard work and dedication to succeed as a fitness professional, but there are plenty of opportunities to make money if you get it right.

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