Shield you manhood from cellphone radiations with Spartan boxers

According to several studies, the harsh radiations coming out of your smartphone and Wi-Fi have bad effects on your health. It has been observed by scientists that with increasing digital communication males have begun to suffer with decreased sperm count. This may be a huge trouble for married couples. Therefore, to shield your manhood – the Spartan Boxer Brief is here. It is a radiation-resistant undergarment that keeps your body protected from radiations that keep emitting from your smartphone or Wi-Fi routers. Another simple way to protect yourself is by using an anti radiation sticker for your cell phone for an extra layer of protection.

Science fiction or truth?

It is considered that such decreasing hormonal effects are seen after late 20th century when use of cellular phones and laptops started increasing. The world got involved in the digital technology that negative aspects of the technology were unnoticed. But tremendous heat coming from batteries of laptops and mobile phones emit harmful radiations. Since laptops remain close to one’s lap while working, and smartphones often sit in front pockets of urban dwellers – genitals are highly affected. This is because our clothing cannot x-ray protect the radiations and its ill effects on human body. May be that’s why it’s recommend to use laptops only on tables and put you smartphones in your carrying bag rather than the pocket of your trousers.

Spartan will protect your body

Spartan boxers (1)

Spartan undergarment has been weaved with a network of silver fibers that lies inside soft coton fabric. All thanks to these silver fibers, the garment is able to create an electromagnetic shield around your torso to block harmful wireless radiation. This way the brief is able to prevent harmful radiations from entering the boxer, thus protects you from the harmful effects. As a result, Spartan boxers can help in altering mutated cellphone sperm.

The spartan boxers look like any other conventional boxer, but these briefs are meant to offer health benefits. It offers you the most convenient way to shield your body from digital radiations.

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