Which is better for pain relief? Smoking or vaporizing Marijuana

This is a long standing debate with so many people that suffer from chronic pain and use marijuana to help them relieve some of the pain that they’re in. With the use of the marijuana, they can then feel more confident about being able to stand up to the test, take on life as they haven’t in so long and have something that is healthier, and less addictive than the pain medications that are normally handed out. However, many people have the question of whether or not smoking or vaporizing the marijuana is better for them. Here are some considerations to take in mind.

Medical Marijuana or smoking: Which is better?


With a marijuana vaporizer, you’re essentially removing any of the stuff that would normally end up in your lungs when you smoke it. You’re able to add the liquid, which can be purer than what you smoke into the vaporizer and inhale. In addition, it is not as harsh as smoking the medical marijuana would be if you chose to do it that way.

It is ultimately your choice on whether or not you want to smoke, eat or vaporize the medical marijuana, but with the use of a marijuana vaporizer, you’re able to grab additional benefits that would not come from the other options.

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