Thanks to progress in the field of fertility treatments in recent years, there are now numerous ways to increase male fertility. The advancement in medical research means that there is now a plethora of different effective treatments for increasing male fertility. This article will look into some simple lifestyle changes that you can make immediately in order to increase your fertility.

Most of these treatments are based around increasing the total sperm count. The sperm count is the sum total of all the sperm present in a single sample of semen. Male fertility is therefore inextricably linked with the sperm count and so increasing fertility can be considered synonymous with increasing the sperm count. The calculation of the sperm count is considered one of the most important factors for fertility and research has confirmed that it is the most effective way of increasing fertility in men.

What is a healthy sperm count?

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According to most health bodies, a sperm count which is considered healthy in a male is 15 million per milliliter. When the sperm count drops below 10 million per milliliter, then this is a dangerous area as far as male fertility is concerned and it’s time to seriously think of ways of increasing fertility. You can take tests to confirm your sperm count from many clinics and there are now plenty of options available for fertility advice.

Amongst the simplest things that have the biggest impact on increasing fertility are sleeping well and eating well. You can also add exercise to this. It’s common advice that is applicable to a range of medical conditions however, specific research into the effects on fertility have shown that these simple things can have a big impact on fertility.

The link between obesity and male fertility

Men who are overweight are much more likely to suffer from infertility as are those that take little or no exercise. These are the types of things that you’ve probably been hearing as a child but they are very valid points when it comes to increasing fertility.

Smoking and infertility

Another factor which has proven to increase infertility is smoking. It has been well established for a number of years that smoking can cause serious damage to the health with the majority of focus on things like Cancer. However, recent research has shown that the effect of smoking on fertility is also huge and it’s therefore advisable to avoid smoking at all costs.

Reduce stress to increase male fertility

Reducing stress is also an important factor to be aware of. Any type of stress can have a significant impact on fertility and thus the reduction of stress needs to be a top priority. This is connected to some of the earlier points mentioned such as sleeping and eating well alongside exercise, as this has proven to impact fertility rates.

Avoid drug and alcohol abuse to increase sperm count

The final major point to mention is the avoidance of drugs and excessive alcohol usage. There have now been a number of studies which have shown there is a definite link between the health of the sperm and the use of drugs. Amongst the drugs that are widely accepted by researchers today includes the usage of marijuana and alcohol as many studies have confirmed this.

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