3 – Unexpected Reasons to See a Mental Health Professional

There has long been a stigma around seeing a mental health professional that keeps many from getting the help that they need. There are many reasons, including some unexpected ones, to get rid of this stigma and talk to a professional. Among those reasons are an ineffective medical treatment, feeling tired all the time and intrusive thoughts. The right help can get you back on your feet and living your life the way that you want to.

1. Your Medical Treatment Is Not Effective

Mental Health Professional

You know and trust your general practitioner, he or she helps you when you are sick and can even recommend you to specialists. Sometimes, however, your general practitioner will not recognize a mental component to your physical ailment and a treatment plan will not make as much of a difference as you hoped. By seeing a psychiatrist, like Jack Wu MD, you can talk to a specialist who can diagnose you with something that fits better and even help you adjust your medications for a better treatment plan.

2. You Feel Tired All the Time

Sometimes feeling tired all the time is a symptom of stress, an acute illness such as a cold or even something more serious. A mental health professional can help you take some of the stress off of your shoulders and help you face some of the things that you did not realize were making you tired. If he or she is also a psychiatrist, then you may also be able to get prescribed medication to help.

3. You Have Intrusive Thoughts

Mental Health Professional

Intrusive thoughts can happen to anyone at any time and are usually classified by being worrisome, frequent and out of control. Sometimes this can be a symptom of stress, depression or even bipolar disorder. In any case, a mental health professional can help you sort through the thoughts themselves, why they happen and how to move forward with treatment.

Mental health care does not have to be stigmatized and many general practitioners are helping to destigmatize the practice by referring more patients to see a psychiatrist for the mental component to physical ailments. There are many reasons to seek mental help from depression to stress to bipolar disorder.

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