Making a homemade lotion

Making a homemade lotion can be very easy and interesting especially if you love to enjoy beauty treatments. It can be fun and healthy enough to prepare your own lotion. You can choose the ingredients as per your skin type and choose your favorite fragrance too.

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Making a homemade lotion by using essential oils can give you the required mood and help you in relaxing or refreshing yourself. The various combinations that can be used include Lavender, rosemary, vanilla for relaxation, chamomile for soothing babies, wintergreen and peppermint for relaxing those tensed muscles.

How to prepare


You can collect the required ingredients as per your choice and keep them ready. You will require almond oil or olive oil plain or one that is infused with essential oils, coconut oil or cocoa butter and beeswax. If you like you can also add vitamin E oil from the capsules, shea butter, essential oils, vanilla or any natural extracts of your choice.

You need a large jar, where you can mix these ingredients and keep it covered. Take a broad pan and fill it with water and keep to heat it. Place the jar with a loose lid and keep it in the pan to heat it. The material inside the jar will begin to melt and can get mixed. You can stir it occasionally. Make sure no water is added.


Once the material is completely melted and a mixture is formed you can remove it from the heat and pour the contents into another small clean jar. Allow it to cool and your lotion is ready.

You can use it as regular lotion for your desired purpose. You can store it safely and use it in few months.

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