Tips for better sleep

Tips for better sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our life and a minimum number of sleep hours have to be spent in order to remain healthy. While sleeping is a pleasurable experience for many, there are some people who have difficulty in falling asleep or remaining in bed. Some others do fall asleep but are not satisfied with it as they are bothered by disturbing thoughts or breaks during their sleep.

Stress can be a major contributing factor for disturbed sleep and so is overwork. Continuous thoughts of a particular problem can be troubling you day and night and may affect your sleep, when your mind keeps thinking of it.

Sometimes it can happen that even after a tiring day you feel very sleepy but are not able to sleep or remain alarmed in sleep. This usually happens because although your body is sleeping, your mind is still restless, it has not calmed down. Thus the most important thing is that you need to relax before going to sleep.

Tips for you

Having a good night’s sleep is like a blessing and you can be blessed too if you learn to relax your body, mind and senses before attempting to sleep. Some of the tips that can help you to have a better sleep are:


Pleasant environment

  • Make sure your home and particularly the bedroom is cleaned before bedtime.
  • A cluttered, untidy room gives rise negative emotions. Hence make a routine to clear off all the unwanted items, books, etc and clean the bedroom.
  • Manage the lighting as per your requirements as some like to have complete darkness or some prefer a night light.

Physical comfort

  • Make sure the furniture used is proper and is right for you.
  • Choose proper mattresses and pillows and check them regularly for consistency in their texture.
  • Have clean curtains and beddings to ensure you feel good and fresh.

Exclusive use

  • Avoid eating, working or any stimulating activities in bed. It not only disturbs the room but can also disturb you and your mood before bedtime.

Diet and regimen

  • Focus on your diet and plan for healthy meals. Heavy meals can be a hindrance in your sleep.
  • Avoid indulgence in stimulating drinks or smoking especially before sleeping as they can affect your sleep.
  • Maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly during the day and avoid strenuous activities before sleeping.
  • Avoid sleeping at odd hours and follow a healthy regimen.



  • Relax your mind by reading an enjoyable book or listening to soft music.
  • You can use meditation tapes to help yourself unwind from the daily hassles and feel free from the stress.

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