Mobile gaming could play a role in reducing anxiety  

Mobile gaming could play a role in reducing anxiety


Anxiety is a normal part of human life and psychology. It’s very common feeling of fear about future. But, when it becomes excessive, we usually refer it ‘Anxiety disorder’. There are various forms of anxiety disorders can be seen like generalized anxiety disorder, phobic disorder, and panic disorder. Each anxiety disorder is having unique characteristics and symptoms. When anxiety turns abnormal and it interferes with day-to-day activities, it becomes mental illness. Extreme case of anxiety disorder may lead to diseases like stress, depression, hypertension, heart disease, insomnia, migraine etc.High level of Anxiety disorder, medical advice is recommended. But, apart from that, behavioral therapy and self-help motivation to remove anxiety from life and mind is ‘The Best’ way to fight with this disease.



Concentration is a semi-static state of human mind. In this state human mind can manage to think only on one thing at a time. Focusing level of human mind may be developed by developing concentration power. Human mind tend to be pre occupied by various thoughts. Concentration can teach the mind to focus on a specific matter and make it relax by shrinking the number of scattered thoughts.

Modern life welcomes anxiety

In our modern busy life we roam on various issues, few of them readily welcome anxiety. Our thought process gets hampered and we become puzzled at the end of the day and our productivity level goes down. Here we need to concentrate our mind. But concentration needs great amount of time that we don’t find in our busy schedule.


Games in Mobile:-

Today modern science discovered a spectacular thing, called Mobile or Smart Phone with numerous apps. In these apps, playing games in phone is an interesting thing to do. Research says, 20-25 minutes concentration in a scientifically-based gaming app while shut down all other thoughts helps to decrease anxiety and stress.

Impact of scientifically-based mobile game-


On students:-

These days’ students do not get time to go to play on the ground. They don’t find ways to get de-stressed and leave exam related and other anxieties of their life. Playing 20-45 minutes scientifically-based games in mobile, successfully reduce their anxieties and stress level. These hi-tech mobile apps make students instantly alert and increase their concentration power to go for the next assignment with a fresh and rejuvenated mind!


On pregnant woman:-

A pregnant woman thinks millions things at a time and increase their anxiety level up, which is not at all good for their health. 10-minute sessions on mobile gaming surely reduces stress and promotes birth of a healthy baby.

Thus mobile gaming attributes not only in reduction of stressand anxiety but also enhances concentration and reflexes.

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