Quick tips to prevent diarrhea while travelling

Are you going to some exquisite remote place during these vacations? Enjoy the beautiful sun and natural beauty. Tasting exquisite food of these places must also be high on your priority list. Undoubtedly tasting the local flavors and learning about local customs has its charm, but be careful of what you eat or drink. Eating different kinds of food such as very spice food, or food with more fat content than what you eat normally, may create problems for you. Especially in Tropical countries, food turns bad fast due to hot weather, because of which you have every chance of getting diarrhea if you are not careful of what you eat. While running to washroom every few minutes is never a good idea even at home, what will be your plight at some quaint place where even clean toilette may not be available? It’s better to take precautions so as not to suffer an upset tummy.



Most common cause of getting diarrhea is contaminated food. Sometimes you get diarrhea even if you take precautions about food and water. It can be due to change in types of food or beverages you are accustomed to. Sometimes travelers contaminate themselves. Remember to wash you hands with soap and clean water, or a sanitizer before eating.

How do you know you have traveler’s diarrhea?

Apart from the obvious symptom of loose motions, sometimes it starts with fever and chills. Sometimes, you could have vomiting and bloody stool.

How can you avoid traveller’s diarrhoea?

Here are some tips, which will help you in avoiding the inconvenience of getting watery stools and vomiting, and enjoying your vacations to the hilt.

 Eat freshly made food

If the food tastes or smells foul, it may not be good for consumption. The food should be freshly cooked and piping hot. It is better to avoid food that is sitting on buffet table for hours.


 Drink bottled water

Always check the seal of the water bottle before buying it. You can take alcohol, but avoid ice cubes.

Fruit juices or ice-creams are no-no

Avoid taking fruit juice from road side vendors as they might be prepared in poor hygienic condition. Melting and refreezing of ice cream could produce bacteria in them, so it is better to avoid them altogether.


Wash your hands properly

Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water, or sanitizer before eating. Avoid touching your face, mouth or mucous membrane with your hands. If you are eating fresh fruits, wash them properly with clean bottled water before eating.

What to do if you get diarrhea?

There are many over the counter medicines which are pretty good at stopping diarrhea  If there is a side effect, stop taking the medicine, and consult the doctor.


Eat food, that help to produce firmer stool. Eat bananas, brown rice, toast and yogurt as they are easily digested. Spicy food, food with a high fat content, and dairy products such as milk and cheese should be avoided.

Stay hydrated as watery stool and vomiting may lead to too much loss of fluid from your body, and result in dehydration. Consume lots of fluids and food with high water content. A few sips of cold drink may not be sufficient. Try to drink lots of fluid. Even plain clean water helps. Take an electrolyte drink that helps in hydrating your body fast. It is always a good idea to carry a few re-hydration packets with you, especially if you are going to remote areas where most of the facilities that we take for granted may not be available.

If you stay cautious and do not overindulge in food, you will most probably not face any problems. So now, enjoy diarrhea free travel, and come back home full of sweet memories of your holidays.

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