DIY tips to avoid shaving discomforts

DIY tips to avoid shaving discomforts

Shaving bears a huge importance in personal grooming. People related to various professions now-a-days need to be groomed well if they are going for business related meetings or client visits as a perfectly groomed face can create a good impression on others. Personal grooming is considered a huge part in professional etiquette. However, shaving everyday is a tiring and irritating task as it makes the skin dry and also creates irritation due to razor burns. Let us discuss few tips that might help you make your shaving comfortable, easier, and smoother so that you can shave without any irritation or frustration.


Things to Do Before Shaving

Make sure that you have moistened your face before getting ready for a shave. First of all apply some cleanser on your face to make the roots of the facial hair soft. You may use slightly warm water for the same. Dip a towel in warm water and hold it on your face for few minutes. It helps you soften your skin, which results in a smooth shave later.

Shave in a Usual Way

You need not try new ways to shave as it may result in razor cuts and discomfort to your face. Follow the traditional ways of moving your razor in the direction your beard and moustache grow. It suggests moving the razor downwards while shaving face and moving it upwards when shaving the upper neck.


Use Single Blade

Do not use double or triple blades to shave thinking that it would save your time and effort. Using more than one blade does affect your facial skin and create irresistible irritation on your face. You may go for a single blade razor though you can shave twice if you feel some facial hair still needs to be removed.

Use New and Sharp Blades

Always remember to use new and sharp blades from a good manufacturer as used blades lose their sharpness and shaving with it may prove harmful for your skin.

After shave

Use Good Aftershave Lotion

Do never compromise on your aftershave lotion. It needs to be good always as you may develop a septic skin due to razor cuts. A quality aftershave lotion works as an antiseptic and helps your skin fight with the germs outside.

Use Sunscreen Lotion

You can use sunscreen lotion to avoid the dryness developed after having a shave. If you go out in sun after shaving, it causes irritation to your skin. Using sunscreen lotion not only allows your skin avoids the sun but also it helps your face look young.

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