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Jet lag is a common problem that occurs after a long flight. A person may experience insomnia, mood swings, and fatigue after a long flight. These are the major symptoms of jetlag, which can make you feel stressed and unexcited during your vacation.

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The main reason behind jet lag is quick travel across two or more than two time zones. In other words, we can say that it is a temporary sleep disorder that can make you little unhappy with your flight. It is not easy to adjust according to a different time zone in a short period.

This can affect people differently and they may take different time to recover from this situation. Following tips can help you to manage jet lag and make you feel comfortable or fresh after a long flight.

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You also try natural light therapy one or two days before your flight as this can make you strong. It will regulate the circadian rhythm of your body.

Make your own schedule

As you are traveling from one time zone to other, this can make you feel tired and sleepy during the daytime. In order to make yourself fresh and comfortable, it is wise to make your own schedule according to that time zone to which you are going to travel. It is also beneficial to adapt to your new schedule while in flight.

Melatonin will work

Melatonin can helps you achieve a deep sleep as it regulates circadian rhythm of our body and helps us sleep. It is considered as one of the best supplement to take in order to reduce the risk of jet lag.

Stay hydrated

In order to stay fresh and healthy it is important to drink more water and avoid alcohol. You can avoid alcohol and caffeine few hours before you plan sleep as these can disrupt your sleep and lead to dehydration.

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Eating habit

You eating habits also affect your health and can lead to jet lag. It is advised to eat light before your flight. You can also avoid fatty foods during your flight.

Accurate medication

In order to have a great sleep you can consult your doctor as the doctor can suggest best medicine for you. Your family doctor knows everything about your medical history and he is the one who can help you to deal with problems like jet lag.


Many people experience jet lag after a long flight. Traveling between time zones can cause the body to readjust its natural rhythm, thus leading to jet lag. This can lead to temporary problems like stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

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