Spices and herbs with cancer fighting properties

Spices that are dried roots, barks, seeds, or the green herbs in your kitchen garden add a superb flavor to the dishes you add them in. However, there is yet another purpose spices and herbs solve, i.e. preventing growth of cancer cells owing to their cancer-preventive properties. Here are some spices and herbs one must consume in plenty in order to keep growth of harmful cells at bay.


Turmeric spice powder

Besides adding a yellow color to the dishes, turmeric does something great to keep cancer away from your body. It containspolyphenol Curcumin, which retards growth of cancer cells. There have been researches that prove turmeric stunts growth of cells that create breast, prostate, brain tumor, pancreatic and other forms of cancer.


Fresh herbs from garden

Basil herb is mainly used in Asian and Italian cuisines and has tremendous cancer preventive qualities. Its antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial make it a great herb with magnificent health benefits. It reduces carcinogenesis and prevents growth of new tumors.



Rosemary is an herb widely use in cooking and for its anti-cancer properties. Terpene is a substance found in rosemary leaves, which enables body to absorb chemotherapy while undergoing a treatment for cancer, and it reduces the growth of harmful cells.


Green fresh thyme.

Thyme has many varieties and a number of health benefits, one of them is its cancer-preventive properties. Thyme contains oil known as thymol that has anti-cancer properties. It also has superb antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties, which is why it makes a good anti-cancer solution that prevents growth of cancerous cells.


cabbage juice

Many people know parsley as a green herb that serves as a great garnish but not many people know of its cancer fighting abilities. Parsley a natural oil named apigenine, which has been shown to deter unnecessary growth of blood vessels. The unnecessary growth of blood vessels serves as nutrients that are essential for the cancerous tumors.



Oregano is essential herb used in Italian cuisine and others, as it adds a unique and delicious flavor to it. Well, this is not the only goodness oregano has, it also has some anti-cancer properties. It contains carvacrol, which is a molecule and works as a natural disinfectant. It prevents spread of cancerous cells and their growth.

Some of the spices and herbs in our kitchen can do a lot more than just adding superb flavors to dishes. They have cancer-fighting properties.

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