DIY treatments for alleviating problems of sun-scorched skin

Lounging in the sun sometimes is so relaxing and good for our body, as it provides our body the sunshine vitamin D. However, sun bathing comes with a price, i.e. sunburn. Overexposure to sun burns our skin and sometimes even the best of sunscreen lotions fail to protect us from sunburns. Thankfully, some natural remedies can cure sunburns and soothe that painful stingy feeling.

Cold milk compress

Cold milk compress

Application of chilled milk on the sun-scorched skin is extremely beneficial, as it helps soothe the irritation. The cold milk soothes irritation and milk form a protective covering of protein on the skin. Dip gauze in chilled milk and then apply it on the affected area for as long as you can. Dip the cloth again in the chilled milk for the next round of cold milk compress.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a multi-functional product that has tremendous benefits. Particularly it has superb benefits for our skin, as it is a skin cooler, moisturizes it, and heals skin. Peel Aloe Vera leaves to take out its gel and apply it onto the affected area. You will experience relief in that stinging pain soon and its continued application would help you skin heal fast.


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Like Aloe Vera, honey also has loads of skin benefits to offer us all. It has anti-bacterial properties, and it enhances skin-healing time. If you apply honey on your sun-scorched skin, not only would it soothe the irritation but also it would augment the growth of the epithelial skin cells, thus, healing faster.


Granola breakfast

One of the oldest and the most effective home remedies to cure sunburn is to apply oatmeal on the affected area. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it makes a good sunburn remedy. Just wrap some oatmeal in a cloth and dip it in cold water or milk. Now apply that wrap on the affected areas and experience a relief in irritation.

Potato paste

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A potato mask takes away skin tan and soothes its irritation. You can slice potatoes, grate them or grind them in a blender. If you find the mixture in blender too dry, add some water to it. Now dip cotton balls in the mixture and dab the paste onto your sun-scorched area. It cools down the irritation and heals the skin.

The ultraviolet rays burn our skin, which appears as red marks and peeling skin. Sometimes it feels like a stinging pain, which you can easily soothe with some natural remedies prepared at home.

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