If you are passionate about health and fitness and want to help others to stay fit as well, starting an Instagram account is a great way to communicate. You can post photos of your workouts, healthy recipes and hacks which helped you to be consistent. To be a health influencer, you must have plenty of followers, so that you are elevated to the influencer status.

Tips to become a health influencer

You can get free Instagram followers with the help of GetInsta. 

What is GetInsta?


GetInsta is an app which gives you real and unlimited followers and likes, for free. It is 100% safe and secure, without any fear of viruses or hacking. As the app provides real time likes and followers, you would see the growth in your following steadily over a reasonable period of time.

As Instagram keeps updating the site to check for bots, or fake accounts, your account would be safe, as the followers provided by GetInsta are real people with high quality accounts. So, to get your message of health and fitness to the maximum number of people, you can start using GetInsta.

How GetInsta works

It is very easy to get started with GetInsta. You have to signup with your email id and login. Then immediately you will receive GetInsta coins with which you can buy authentic likes and followers. You would have to like other people’s accounts and follow them too. However, if you opt for the packages offered by GetInsta, then you need not follow or like others.

GetInsta is a genuine way of getting the number of followers for free, just by performing the tasks that the app suggests. It is available in 16 languages, so you can choose your preferred language.

If you want to expand your fitness centres in other parts of the world, and get free Instagram likes with GetInsta, that is possible too. People would read and like your posts which you post in their own language. GetInsta, therefore can be part of your marketing strategy on a global scale. You could have several Instagram accounts in different languages, and use GetInsta to popularise them. 

Use intriguing hashtags


Before posting your photos or videos, add a great hashtag. Hashtags allow people to discover you, and if you have a unique one it will create followers who like your hashtag, and might even use it on their own posts.

As upto 30 hashtags can be used per post, you should check the trending ones related to your topic/theme/post and use them or combine using your own hashtags. This would grow your following organically. 

Post consistently

Post photos of your fitness regime regularly and consistently. This would enable you to appear on your followers feeds regularly. Once you create a schedule for your posts and keep some ideas ready, you would be able to post as often as you want.

Build a base of before and after workout photos, delicious looking smoothies and other food. To start with, you should have at least 12 images and videos, but having 16 to 24 photos and videos would be enough for people to engage in and check out your content.

Take photos of your gym equipment, or a Protein shake brand you use, and sessions with your trainer. Along with all this, if you want to grow your brand, you should try out the 1000 free Instagram followers trial, to increase your followers.

Always save the best photos of the week and post when the engagement level is highest, towards the end of the week. Save the most interesting stories for your featured stories section. 

Engage with people/followers


Invite people to comment on your posts, ask questions, and reply to queries in a nice and friendly way. Engaging with followers will create a great image of you and responsibly replying to their health and fitness queries will establish you as a health influencer. 

Follow the people who inspire and motivate you. Connecting with people who have the same interests will generate more followers for you. Click the hashtags, look at their photos, read their stories. This would teach you a lot, as well as keeping you updated about the latest in the health influencer world.

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