Any major decision in life deserves consideration. Otherwise, we’d be walking blindly into each new significant phase of our lives with little to no rhyme or reason. An increasingly common life-changing decision that more people are making today is whether or not to get plastic surgery.

But after consulting your reasons for going ahead with it, talking it over with those closest to you and coming to the conclusion that you’re doing it for all the right reasons, there’s still a great deal of research that needs to be done. After all, there are risks associated with any kind of surgery and if you want to be 100% sure you’re going to come away safe and happy with the results then you owe it to yourself to follow the four research guidelines below.

The surgeon


The first thing to do is to research the surgeon themselves. There should be plenty of information about them and their history online and if there isn’t that should set alarm bells ringing.

The clinic

Next, ensure that the clinic is legitimate and has been trading for a while. Search for testimonials from previous patients and know when to spot fake reviews. They are often incredibly gushing and feel as if they’ve been written either by a spambot or somebody for whom English is a second language.

The procedure

cosmetic procedure

The actual cosmetic procedure itself might differ slightly from surgeon to surgeon and from clinic to clinic but the fundamentals will be the same. Do your research (and we don’t just mean firing up Wikipedia) and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions that you might be a little worried about the answers to. It’s vital you understand the potential risks and complications as well as the good stuff.

The consultation

Your plastic surgery consultation shouldn’t be just taken by a third-party nurse; it should be taken by the surgeon who is actually going to perform the surgery. If this is a job that they pass on to one of their other team members that’s a surefire sign that you should be taking your business elsewhere. The consultation itself should also include all of the information regarding what happens to you during the procedure, what will happen to you afterwards and whether or not you’ll be given any after-patient care, including staying overnight in case there are any lingering complications.

Ultimately, it’s a major life choice that deserves the highest degree of consideration and whether you’re opting for a simple facelift, breast enlargement surgery or something more intricate, these are the questions you should be asking. Because when it comes to cosmetic surgery there are no small jobs!

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