Study your face for a pre-emptive fight for your health

You face is like a mirror that reflects your health status. A mere glance at your face can give you clues regarding underlying health conditions. MRI, X-Ray and wide assortment of other tests that reveal a person’s health condition today, were not there long ago. In those times, face reading, as in several signs on face used to reveal health conditions. Knowing those signs, you can find out without any test what is going on in your body. Here are some of the signs:

Pimples on the forehead

pimples (2)

If you notice that majority of your pimple breakouts happen on and around your forehead, you must understand that there is some problem with your digestive system. Due to your inadequate water intake, the toxins inside overwork, and the side effects you see in the form of pimples on your forehead. Start drinking water and juices, and green tea filled with antioxidants.

Yellowish brown spots on eyes

heart disease

They are cholesterol-filled lesions that indicate a person has a higher risk of heart disease. A Danish study revealed that people who have these marks are more likely to develop hardening of arteries, which ends up in heart attacks.

Lines around the mouth

quit smoking

Lines around the mouth in women that they call ageing lines appear not only because of the sagging skin but owing to smoking as well. Therefore, quit smoking as early as possible, drink lots of water and moisturize your skin to get rid of them.

Excess facial hair in women

Excess facial hair in women

Excess growth of facial growth on a woman’s face, especially on the chin, upper lip and along the jaw line is a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition wherein hormonal imbalance (increase of male hormones in a woman’s body) takes place. Women facing this situation should immediately seek doctor’s help.

Discolored complexion


Your skin color says many things about your health, as even a slightest change in your complexion is related to some of the other body change. For instance, you can relate paleness on your face to anemia or liver malfunction, blue tint on your lips and nails to heart or lung disease, and more.

Dry, Flaky Lips

Dry, Flaky Lips

Dehydration is what dry lips indicate at, but there is something more as well. They indicate that your sweat glands are not working properly owing to ailments such as diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Doctors, while talking to their patients maintain eye contact and look at their face closely. This is because they try to read several signs on their face that give vital clues of underlying health conditions.

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