Top health apps that could mislead

This is an era to live an exciting and smartest life. We desire to find solutions of the problems with ‘a click’ to make our life easy and hassle free. Thus we use high-end gadgets. In them, smart phones and its apps are widely popular. The attractive, lucrative and interactive apps of these hi-tech phones easily dictate us.

We do not feel hesitant for a while even to follow health related tips onphone apps and use them in day to day life. Nevertheless, it must be admitted General health related tips from phone apps are undoubtedly useful and handy. But, in the other hand we need to be sincerely cautious, while using health related apps for any critical problem. This can even mislead and finally may be severe.


Misleading health apps:-

Fat content mentioned in food labels:-

Mobile apps gives misleading information about the fat content of every day products like fruits, crisps, butter alternatives, cheese etc. Sometimes the descriptions on the labels of the health apps products are misleading. Food supplements should not carry messages that it prevent or treat a specific illness.

Thus, food labels are misleading in many cases in health apps.

Breast Cancer

Cancer or other serious illness detection:-

Now a days smart phone users are rapidly increasing. The users find many entertaining apps for themselves. In them, health apps attract them very fast. Even for a simple skin problem, that seems to be healed naturally, they try to find tool to detect, if, there is any problem.

Under this process, they provide many inaccurate feedbackshows over enthusiasm, generally away from fact,in the health apps and get very life-threating results like Skin Cancer even. But in reality that is not at all true. The result came due to wrong or inaccurate information provided to the apps.

Reverse situation may also happen. One may provide wrong information without taking the degree of accuracy in consideration, to the health apps and receives very normal result. In this case, the patient gets relived, while suffering from a serious disease. Now, when the problem would actually be detected, it would be too late for the treatment. Hence, before going for experiment with health apps in the smart phone, we must be careful in every aspect.


General health and fitness tips:-

General health and fitness tips in health apps can also be misleading. Everyone can opt for any fitness regime without considering their physical and mental health. It may happen due to lack of understanding of facts.

Thus, health apps in the smart phones are very useful for the information about many diseases at one go with many solutions. But, this can mislead us by giving inaccurate life threatening results also.

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