Ten useful tips to help you sleep better

Sleep is quintessential for your wellbeing, still we find in a number of surveys that a majority of people witness sleeplessness or sleep disorder. Getting a good night sleep is important for the wellbeing of your body as well as your state of mind. In that case, you just cannot afford to be sleepless for a longer period of time. Below we list out ten ways to enhance your sleep.

Set a sleeping pattern

The biggest reason behind sleep disorders is indiscipline in your sleeping schedule. If you’re sleeping late night some days or enjoying long naps during the day, it can interfere with your sleeping pattern. It takes your brain a long time to adjust to new sleeping pattern, so plan in advance and show some perseverance to stabilize your sleeping pattern.


Have a light dinner

Doctors recommend light dinner as it is not only good for digestion but also puts your mind and body in relax mode. Your body doesn’t have to spend too much energy in regulating your metabolism and this in turn sends a signal to your brain that it is ready to hibernate.


Change your bedroom’s ambience

It is important to have the right bed, pillows and ambience that help you go to sleep quickly. If your bedroom is susceptible to noise from your neighbors or the loud television or music system playing in the living room, sort it out. Keep the noise away and avoid any lights into your bedroom.

Avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine

Alcohol or caffeine stimulates your brain that can make sleeping difficult. Avoid these at any cost to ensure a good night sleep.


Your mind is still caught into the daily worries you face in life. Night time is when you need to let go of all those worries and get ready for rest. Meditation and especially breathing exercises can help your mind relax and you can go to sleep easily.

Switch off the television or computer

We desire some entertainment after a tough day at office, but sticking to your computer or television till late night can be hazardous to your sleep.

Read a book

Reading a book is a good way to get your mind off the other things. It sends the sleep signal to your brain once you’re done with it.


Get a shower

A shower not only relaxes your body but also decreases your body temperature, which is ideal to go to sleep.

Exercise regularly

Most people who suffer from sleeping disorder are also those involved in minimal physical activity. Physical exercise is important for your metabolism and sleep.


Understand your body signals

Your body has its own way to communicate to your brain. Most people neglect these signals and try to stay awake a little longer. Just as soon as your eyes start to drop and you feel sleepy, go to bed. Taking short naps during the day is also not a bad idea.

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