These beauty tips will make your summers better!

These beauty tips will make your summers better!

Summers are lovely. You get to wear your favorite sundress, don your new hat, put on slippers and walk like you rule the world. But summers are also about tanning, sunburn, frizzy hair and bug bites. But not anymore! Here are some tips you can use to pamper yourself and get rid of common summer problems. The best thing is that you don’t really have to spend thousands on cosmetic treatments and spa procedures, as these tips and their ingredients are found right in the comfort of your homes.


Get rid of that splotchy sunburn

The truth is- you can never protect yourself from sunburn. But you can easily get rid of it and reduce its effect on your skin. All you have to do is try this paste made from home ingredients instead of buying costly soothers. Make yourself a cucumber, Aloe Vera and honey paste

  • Get half a cucumber, peel it and mash it with a fork.
  • Add Aloe Vera gel. You can easily find it in a drug store or you can squeeze it out from natural Aloe Vera Leaf. This gel can be kept in a bottle for use as a skin moisturizer.
  • Add honey to get ribbon thick consistency. Make sure that it won’t drip off.
  • Before using the mixture, wash your skin with soap. Then leave the mixture for at least twenty minutes.

Since all these ingredients have soothing properties, you will notice your sunburn heal.


Shiny skin for summers

Getting a shine on your skin is good, but sometimes it overlaps with oiliness which makes your skin looks dull and patchy. You can use beauty products, for oily skin, but you will actually end up with dry, flaky skin. So, try this rosewater and witch hazel astringent that will reduce oil, will make your skin shinier without drying it.

  • You can pick rose petals and put them in water, bring it boil and let it cool or you can buy rose water from a pharmacist.
  • Then, add one third cup of undiluted witch hazel. This is easily available at health store. Add some water to it and stir. Refrigerate it in Mason jar. The shelf life is two weeks.
  • Use it morning and night for healthy, oil free, moisturized skin.


Itchiness and bug bites

Spending a warm day outdoor is good. But you can easily get bug bites and bee stings. Instead of trying regular harsh chemicals for soothing the sting, opt for this banana and oatmeal mash to pamper and soothe the skin.

  • Mash a medium sized banana.
  • Add whole grain oats, about one fourth of a bowl. Add a tablespoon of baking soda and stir.
  • Use water to obtain desirable consistency. Apply the mash for ten minutes and rinse with cool water. You can keep the leftover in fridge for two weeks.

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