Things to know about your friend, the gut bacteria

We often eat anything without considering that how that food is going to affect our body. Good food can help you to stay fit and unhealthy food can make you ill. You could be on a healthy diet but still falling ill repeatedly. Internal system of human body is very complicated to understand and predict. Anything can happen suddenly without any notice and gut bacteria can be the major cause for your ailment.

gut bacteria

What is gut bacteria?

Human body has various types of bacteria inside it. They are vital to perform various functions in the body, such as healing, digestion, and protect the body from infections. Our body houses different types of bacteria in several parts of the body like skin microbiota, vaginal microbiota, gut microbiota, and oral microbiota. Gut microbiota or gut flora live inside our gut. The gut is simply known as the gastrointestinal track, mouth is the first part and anus is the last part of our gastrointestinal track.

Gut bacteria is vital for digestion as it helps the body to digest certain food that other parts of our digestive system cannot digest. It also deals with the production of vitamins like vitamin B and K. Gut bacteria plays an important in boosting the immunity and is critical in proper functioning of digestive system.

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Is gut bacteria linked to behavior of an individual?

Our gut houses more than 1,000 trillion bacteria, which are responsible for our health and wellbeing. Sometimes, they can lead to some minor gastrointestinal diseases that can cause anxiety, depression, and autism. It is hard to believe but gut bacteria can make us ill. Some people have experienced various problems in their digestive systems and some disruptions have resulted in life-threatening conditions. The main function of gut bacteria is to harvest energy from the food that we eat and protect us against infections.

According to experts, antibiotics can disrupt the normal bacterial content of the gut, which may lead to various changes in the behavior of an individual. This may increase or can even decrease the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which can cause anxiety and depression. This misbalance can be corrected by discontinuing antibiotics. This will restore the normal behavior and normal chemistry of an individual.


The function of human body and its internal parts are very complicated to understand. Human body houses various bacteria that are vital to perform various functions in the body. Gut bacteria is vital to perform the digestion function and our food can affect a numbers of these bacteria.

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