There is no reason to think that active life ends at the age of 50 years. In the present era, many people view 50 as a young age. We cannot stop the biological clock but we can surely make it slow. With proper care and healthy lifestyle, anyone can stay fit and lead a normal, active life even after 50 years. You should start caring for your physique from your 20s and try to keep fit, so that chronic ailments could not bring you down with age. Life is all about change.

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When you turn fifty things at home may start changing once more. Your kids may leave home and join a college faraway. You may start feeling that your active life is almost on the verge. Try to see the positive side of everything. Now that you have more free time you can engage in activities you could not enjoy before. Make plans with close plans and travel extensively. Participate more in community charity programs and fill the vacant place in your life with new hobbies. By engaging yourself in social activities, you will never feel depressed or lonely.

As you age you should try to eat only nutritious and easily digestible foods. Keep lots of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs in your daily diet along with skimmed milk, whole grains, lean meat and fish. Make sure that you get enough omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals daily. A good diet can delay aging and help you stay fit for a longer period. If you have some sort of chronic ailments, then visit your doctor regularly and get the necessary tests done. Keep a tab of your health to curb the damage.

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Reduce your fast food, alcohol and tobacco consumption to a minimum after you turn fifty. Exercise daily to keep your body muscles agile and improve the blood flow throughout your body and brain. Brisk walking and walking on a treadmill are good light exercises for the elderly. You can also jog if possible and practice Yoga. Breathing exercises help in reducing stress and boosts your oxygen intake. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day and do some brain-puzzles occasionally. Indulge in some feel good activities like shopping or watching movies.


It is possible to lead a healthy life after you turn fifty. Eat less oily and fatty food and spend time with friends and family to feel good.

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