Tips to turn your lips pink naturally

Tips to turn your lips pink naturally

Lips are an important part of your face that makes your smile more radiant and charming. Every one desires to get pink lips but care to pay lesser attention to them as compared to rest of the body. Therefore, they end up being chapped and lose their natural color. Taking care of lips does not require so much of work to be done, but only 3-5 min of taking care every day. Following are some easy tips to take good care of your lips and make them pink and healthy.

  • Brushing your Lips: – Use your toothbrush to rub on your lips every time you brush your teeth. This will remove all the dirt, dried saliva, chapped skin from your lips and make them clean and soft.


  • Massaging – Massage is the ages old therapy to treat any part of the body. Lips can be massaged regularly using a mixture of almond oil and lemon juice. Slowly massage your lips using this mixture every night before sleeping. In a couple of days, darkness will start to diminish and lips will be nourished and healthy.
  • Exfoliation with Sugar: – Sugar crystals prove to be good scrubbing agent for lips.  Mix some sugar with olive oil or milk cream and use this paste to scrub your lips softly. This exfoliates your lips and simultaneously moisturizes them. Leave this on for few minutes and gently remove afterwards gently scrubbing it off.


  • Pomegranate Magic: – Magic of pomegranate for lips is visible by its own color. Collect the seeds of pomegranate in a bowl and crush them. Mix it with milk cream and dab it on your lips like a paste. Remove it after sometime and you will see the results instantly. Doing this regularly will make your lips pink and glowing.
  • Navel Effect: – Navel plays an important role in keeping good lips. Apply a little bit of milk cream or a mix of sunflower oil and lemon juice. This remedy has been working since ages and proves to be very much fruitful even on a single night basis.


  • Rose Petals: – Immerse some rose petals in milk and then mesh them to make a paste. You can also add honey and glycerin. Apply this paste on your lips and rub off with some milk. Lips will gain pink color in some days of following this process.
  • Fruitful attempts: – Orange peels can clean the lips very well and leave them moisturized. Keep this in mind while eating your next orange. At home, other items like cucumber juice, carrot juice, beetroot juice can be used to scrub your lips with cotton and bright results will be visible in some days.
  • Avoidance: – Avoid smoking. This causes lips to darken in addition to your blackened lungs. Intake of beverages like tea, coffee, and alcohol should be low. Dehydration shows immediately on lips. So keep your body hydrated with regular intake of water. Also try to keep your lips moisturized with lip balm.

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