Top health tips for overweight kids

Top health tips for overweight kids

Since the 70’s the number of overweight children in the US has doubled and a study recently conducted by the American Dietetic Association, researchers, parents and kids see the issue in different ways. Parents usually hope that their children will grow out of the problem and so therefore they do not bring up the issue related to their children’s weight out of fear of hurting their self esteem.

In fact, many parents see weight as a sign of good health in their children, especially if they do not exhibit any signs of illness. Kids on the other hand do not see their weight gain as something that they should be alarmed about.

Researchers treat the problems of weight gain in children as something that they should be concerned about the unrealistically optimistic hopes that parents have about their older kids losing the weight gradually.

The studies conducted by these researchers have shown that 70% to 80% of children who are obese grow up to become obese adults, it is normal to experience a little weight gain preceding height growth,

The lack of any signs of ill health does not mean that here will not be any at all. Over weight adolescents and children show no real difference in mortality rates, it is mostly obese and seriously overweight adolescents that are at risk of a 50% to 100% greater mortality level as do younger and middle aged adults.

The development of eating disorders has been connected to food restrictions, dieting, but being inactive and overweight can put the heath of the children at risk. So children should be encouraged to eat healthy and stay active and that it is also essential for the parents to be actively involved in weight management efforts.

Both parents and children have to set up goals that are realistic and achievable and should also be a combination of exercise and healthy eating. Childhood obesity can be dangerous as it can lead to the following health issues;

-Social discrimination


Sleep Apnea

-type 2 diabetes

-heart disease

-high cholesterol

-high blood

Parents have to learn how to balance the calories that their children consume- they have to maintain a goal of reducing their weight while enhancing normal development and growth and this should be done in consultation with a health care specialist.

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