Why is Turkey becoming the best destination for dental treatment?

Turkey becoming the best destination for dental treatment

Traveling to another country for dental treatment has become popular over the years and Turkey is one of the countries that attract a high number of visitors.

The growth of Turkey in Dental treatment is because of its low cost and efficiency. Most Cosmetic dental procedures are costly in America and Western Europe. Turkey has many well-trained cosmetic dentists that use the most advanced medical devices. This means that you can get quality service in a very short time.

A dental trip is also a good time to enjoy the beauty of Turkey. From beaches, and foods to warm sands, there is a whole lot to enjoy on a medical trip to Turkey. Check out the dental treatment available in Turkey below.

1.   Veneer Placements

Dental Veneer has become popular in Turkey. These shells are typically made from resin-composite or porcelain materials and are permanently glued to your teeth. Veneer placements are purely cosmetic procedures. They are solutions for people whose teeth are poorly shaped, crooked, damaged, and discolored. The procedure whitens and corrects the shape of the teeth.

The process is usually easy and painless. However, attaching high-quality veneers is quite expensive in the US and Germany, but much more affordable in Turkey. Body Expert can help you select the best dentist and clinics in Turkey.

2.   Dental Implants

Dental implants are meant to replace the natural tooth from the roots. This is a treatment for people with missing teeth as a result of periodontal disease, decay, or injury. The procedure usually involves extraction of the broken tooth, affixing a screw into the gum, and attaching a crown-shaped like a natural tooth. Because dental implants offer functional and cosmetic value, the cost is incredibly high but in Turkey, you can save extra dollars.

3.   Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, clinically known as gingival display, is a smile that shows too much of your gum line than you’d like. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable. This condition can be caused by an incorrect bite, jaw development, and a short upper lip.

Gummy smiles are fixed through a surgical procedure called gum contouring. For minor cases, the dentist reshapes the gums with a laser. For acute cases, the dental surgeon has to sculpt the gum.

4.   Teeth whitening

Everyone loves a perfect white smile. But genes, smoking, and other lifestyle habits give us yellow teeth. Brushing your teeth with the best toothpaste may not give you the smile you see in the advert. A dentist is all you need to make your white as snow.

With a high concentration of bleaching agents, a dentist can make your teeth sparkle. But the cost of the teeth whitening in Europe and America is costlier than what you’ll get in Turkey.


Other affordable dental treatments you can receive in Turkey include, tooth fillings, dental denture, and tooth extraction, to mention a few. However, opt for experienced dental care experts to carry out these procedures. Finally, you also check out this NHS article for more details.

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