4 – Simple skin protection tips and tactics

skin protection tips and tactics

With the way, the climate is changing, and the continuing being felt from the hole in the ozone layer, it is probably fair to say that we are waging a permanent war with the sun. It is not that the sun is our enemy, it can definitely be very useful if utilized properly, but it can also be very harmful to our skins if we don’t take the right precautions.

For most people this is common knowledge, but the sad reality is that there are still many people who chose to do nothing about the ravaging effects of the sun on eth skin. The results are almost disastrous. It also involves more than just the application of sunscreen. So, if you are wanting to know what you can do to help look after your skin, here are a few tips and ideas.

1. Make friends with your dermatologist


A dermatologist is a skin doctor. You need to find one and visit them regularly. Amongst the many services that any qualified dermatologist will offer are skin audits. This is where they map and monitor the moles, lesions, and anomalies on your skin. If you don’t know where to find a good doctor, ask friends. This is Australia in 2019 after all.

There are plenty of people who are very conscious of their skin. If you don’t know any people who are able to point you in the right direction, then use the internet to source recommendations. Facebook is always good for crowd-sourced solutions. Alternatively, a Google search for something like ‘mole scan Perth’ should provide some answers. The point here is that regular visits to the dermatologist allow them to monitor the growth of moles. If things look bad, they can act quickly. It allows you to always have a clear picture of the state of your skin.

2. The sun is not your friend

Woman with sunburns and Allergic reaction

Sun cream is simply not good enough to keep your skin cancer-free. If this is your only means of protection, then you need to try harder. A good start is to try and avoid the sun completely between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Even this might not be enough. And yes, it is hard to do, but it is effective and if you do implement this sort of regime then your skin will start to show the benefits within a couple of weeks.

3. Travel if you can

Travel if you can

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford international travel, then spend some of your cash on leaving the country in the harshest mid-summer months. Go somewhere where it is cold and dark. Go and look at the Northern lights or sample a white Christmas in England.

There was a time, not too long ago, when hedonists used to chase the sun, spending summers in the southern hemisphere if they could, before heading to the north to sample the isles of Greece or the Adriatic when they had summer. That paradigm has changed now with the opposite now a much better solution to avoid skin cancer and melanoma. Chase the winter instead and your skin’s natural elasticity will return, and you will look younger and more vital in a very short space of time.

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