Smoking – when it is time to break the mold

There was a time in the 1970s and 1980’s when smoking was regarded as being very cool. All the rock stars did it and when you watched Hollywood movies all the cool cats and stars would have cigarettes between their lips. Added to the mix would have been the sensational advertisements prior to the main movie feature where ultra-cool adventurers or debonair models went skiing or off-roading in advertisements for Camel or Dunhill. It was hard not be caught up in the hype around smoking and to want to be part of it.

A lot has changed since those days, both in terms of the legislation around cigarette advertising and in the way that smoking is perceived in general. But smoking is still a popular activity for many people, despite the obvious health concerns. But it is not just cigarettes these days, the scope of what people now smoke is much broader. So, if you are considering experiencing the delights of smoking, these are some of the alternative avenues that you might want to explore.

Pipes and Bongs

Pipes and Bongs

One of the most popular means of consuming your product is water-based pipes or bongs. There is a huge variety of these available, from hookahs, through the sweet puff Australia to the Curved Dutch Pipe. These are great ways to take your tobacco because they are water filtered which makes for a much smoother experience. The heat of the smoke is also much lower which also allows you to focus on the taste and to get a better all-round experience. Buying these pipes online is quite a treat as there are plenty of options available at good prices. Spend a bit of time browsing and have some fun – you will be amazed at what is out there and you will probably also be surprised at the very reasonable price of some of the items.


Sometimes there is something to be said for the traditional methods. We are back to pipes here – the traditional bowl pipe this time, not water filtered one. Cigars too are another fine old institution that is an acquired taste but a thoroughly enjoyable one once you get into it. The taste of a cigar is critical, and experts will be quick to help point you in the direction of an experience that will work for you. A good cigar is very expensive, but that is because it is an experience worth paying for.

Go electronic

Go electronic

Nobody quite imagined how quickly the electronic cigarette would take off. In little more than five years, they have become an extremely common sight – with many people trying to get away with smoking them indoors in non-smoking areas. The reason this is even possible is that they don’t smell like smoke. These items offer an experience that is more akin to smoking a cigarette but with the benefits of a bong. They also come with a huge variety of tastes or flavors meaning that there is nearly always a flavor for everyone’s needs.

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