Performance Enhancers- Are They Right for You?

Performance Enhancers

Almost everybody is interested in looking younger, feeling stronger and thinking more clearly. There are many ways to go about this, including lifestyle changes, but there are also substances you can introduce to your body to give yourself and extra boost.

Human Growth Hormone

pituitary gland

Abbreviated to hGH, it is a hormone produced by your pituitary gland that is best known for jump-starting growth in children and adolescents. Throughout the adult lifespan, it also acts as a regulator of many vital processes: bone growth, metabolism, muscle growth, body composition, body fluids and heart function. Levels of hGH usually decline with age, which is what connects it to aging in general. It can be produced synthetically.

Do You Need More?


If you are interested in upping your body’s levels of hGH, you have two options. You can either take the synthetic hormone itself or take peptides. Peptides act as messengers, encouraging your body to produce the hormone on its own. This also means that its production is regulated by your body, so you can feel safe knowing that your hGH levels will be safe and within your body’s limits. When taking the hormone, you run the risk of introducing too much hGH into your system.

Consult an Expert

medical practitioner

Before making such a big decision, you should talk to an expert in the field. This can mean a doctor or other licensed medical practitioner. There are also many who specialize in this field of medicine and biochemistry, like Ryan Smith Lexington KY. Be sure to do your research and find a professional near you. Go over your health history, lifestyle and goals when consulting them.

There’s a lot of confusing information out there about performance enhancement to sort through. Taking the conversation back to physiology and biochemistry can help you grasp the basics surrounding this growing trend. Making an informed decision about what goes into your body is an important first step towards greatness!

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