All About Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

As evident by the name, a luxury addiction center combines evidence-based addiction treatment methods (psychotherapy, detox, counseling, and medication) with upscale services and amenities.

The goal is to create the most relaxing and comfortable environment for the residents to ensure a speedy recovery from addiction using proper treatment protocol.

Compared to standard rehab, luxury addiction treatment centers are rather expensive. But, those who prefer luxury and can afford it should find them worth the cost.

Why Choose a Luxury Addiction Treatment Center?

There are many reasons to pick a luxury addiction treatment center over a standard one. For one thing, it’s far more comfortable to live there. For another, you get a ton of amenities that make it seem like you are living in a resort or a 5-star hotel.

That means you get the necessary help to achieve and maintain sobriety without sacrificing your creature comforts.

What’s more, these centers are often very particular about their client’s confidentiality. That’s why often high-end clients like celebrities or those in executive jobs prefer to enroll in something exclusive. In this way, their identity and privacy remain protected.

Below we talk about the benefits of addiction treatment centers and why some people would want to choose them.

Benefits of Luxury Addiction Treatment Programs 

1. Comfortable Accommodations


The kind of accommodation is similar to a 5-star hotel. Because luxury addiction treatment typically means it’s an inpatient drug rehab or alcohol rehab center, you get a private room furnished with all kinds of amenities and creature comforts. The beds are full-sized with posh-looking interiors. The whole living situation doesn’t feel like living in a close-quarter or a dormitory and more like a vacation spot. 

2. Gourmet Meals

Luxury addiction treatment centers are big on the nutritional requirements of their clients. Many of them have dedicated chefs who prepare healthy, wholesome, gourmet foods for their clients. The meals are fresh, flavorful, and nutritious.

If you have any dietary restrictions or preference the chefs will take care of that as well. For example, if you have certain sensitivities or allergies, you will get substitutions. The menus are wide and varied too. 

3. Range of Holistic Treatments Available

woman undergoing music therapy

Many upscale alcohol rehabs incorporate a more holistic approach to treating their patients. This includes taking care of the mind, body, and soul. To that end, you would have access to services like spas, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, music therapy, etc. The aim is to provide plenty of opportunities for relaxation while the patients are on their journey towards sobriety. 

4. Personal Training

Physical fitness is a big part of kicking away addiction, avoiding relapses, developing self-control, and self-esteem. That’s why most luxury inpatient addiction treatment facilities would have dedicated gyms and yoga centers. Some would give their patients the option to work with a personal trainer. This kind of arrangement helps set up fitness goals and achieve them. 

5. Small Staff-to-Client Ratio

Man with psychologist

Most rehab facilities remain understaffed which often makes personalized treatment an impossibility. Luxury addiction treatment centers in Florida for example only accept a small number of residents. That means they are never understaffed.

In fact, they make sure that each resident gets personalized and individual care. Often the staff members establish a personal connection with their patients which allows them to better understand their treatment needs and deliver the same.

This promising staff-to-client ratio can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the treatment.

Cost of Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

The fact that you get a ton of luxurious amenities, upscale services, top-of-the-one treatment, and exclusiveness makes luxury rehab centers some of the most expensive facilities to enroll in.

It’s hard to tell the exact cost but it can be anywhere between $30,000 – $100,000. A standard rehab facility in the US costs $5K – $20K, most of which is partially covered with public assistance, sliding scales, and/or health insurance. Insurance may cover some part of the treatment but not all of it.

Also, the length and nature of treatment often depend on the patient and their unique needs. Other than that, based on the kind of amenities they pick and the location where the facility is based, the cost could vary significantly.

Common Amenities Found at Luxury Rehab Centers

playing tennis

  • Recreational activities like swimming, horseback riding, and tennis
  • Room and concierge services
  • Gourmet dining
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Yoga
  • Fully supervised medical drug detox and alcohol detox services
  • Exercise facilities with personal trainers
  • Meditation classes
  • Luxurious rooms with private bath
  • Dual diagnosis care, including mental health and alcohol addiction treatment

Not All Luxury Rehabs are Equal

The most challenging part of finding the right rehab is selecting one that fits an individual’s needs. This often depends on a lot of factors.

For example, the nature of abuse and/or addiction, severity of the dependence, presence of co-occurring disorder, etc. You then have to look at whether or not the rehab offers the necessary treatment essential for long-term and safe recovery.

Other than that, to ensure the long-term success of the treatment, it’s important to take into consideration a person’s psychological and physical needs. Simply looking at the drug abuse itself is not enough.

To that end, coping strategies, behavioral therapies, and group sessions could evidence-based treatments are all crucial for an effective drug addiction program.

But, often many centers are focused more on creating a luxury setting and not so much on the treatment itself.

This can set the person up for failure in terms of achieving sobriety.

To avoid that, it pays to ask and consider the following while browsing through the list of luxury rehab centers –

  • Availability of alcohol and drug detox services
  • Availability of evidence-based treatment
  • Nature of mental health services and therapies available
  • Availability of treatment for the specific type of substance abuse or addiction in question
  • Availability of peer support
  • Availability of individual treatment sessions
  • Provision for medical maintenance
  • Primary reliance on scientific, evidence-based treatment methods over anything else

Always look for centers that deploy treatments backed by science and medical research to get the most value for your money.

How to Find a Luxury Rehab Nearby You


Always look for the Joint Commission’s Seal of Approval during your review process. Look for as many accreditations as possible. It’s a sign that the facility is committed to providing effective and safe treatment.

From there, narrow your search based on treatment modalities, location, cost, amenities available, online reviews, etc.

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