Avoid back pain by getting into right posture

A person might suffer from back pain because of many reasons. It could be because of medical conditions like Spondylitis, or it could be because of some accident or sports related injury. However, most of the times, it is our everyday routine that wears out our back. We keep a poor posture. So, every activity that we do has a bad effect on our back. In time, this might lead to acute pain in lower and upper back, and one might have to take recourse to painkillers and posture braces.  However, if you are still in the early phases, then you can avoid this pain by following some of these useful tips.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

 healthy weight

Let’s face it, the heavier you are, more is the burden on your back. So, if you are obese and you really want to reduce your back pain, then you should reduce your body weight. If you have a normal weight, then it’ll be easier for you to stay in the right posture.

  1. Maintaining correct posture

    a) Sitting and standing posture

No matter what you do, you should focus on your posture. While sitting and standing, you should keep your back straight. But don’t try desperately to straighten your back, because if you do so then you might end up curving it in the opposite direction. To see if your posture is correct or not, stand against a wall and stick your back to it. If there is a gap of more than two inches between your back and the wall, then that means that your back is curved and your posture is incorrect.

  1. b) Sleeping posture

You spend a large part of your time in your bed. So, your sleeping posture is also very important. Fortunately, you don’t have to do much here, it’s your mattress that does the job. If you sleep on a hard mattress then that helps in keeping your back straight during the sleep and improves your posture. Whereas sleeping on an extremely soft and feathery mattress might arch your back.

  1. Pay attention while lifting heavy things

No matter whether it’s the gym or your house. You should take special care when you are lifting heavy weights. Keep your back straight and lift the weight very gently, don’t jerk. Don’t put too much of burden on your back. Never try to lift something too heavy all by yourself.

  1. Yoga poses for your back


If you do postures like cobra posture, crocodile posture and cat stretch every day, then they automatically correct your posture. Include them in your daily routine and you won’t have to worry about your posture anymore.

What if all this doesn’t cure my back pain?

If your back aches too much and all this doesn’t seem to help, then you should go and see a doctor as soon as possible. Also, try avoiding painkillers. They have too many side effects. If you are feeling unbearable pain, then maybe you should try posture braces. Many online sites help you in deciding the best posture braces for your back. They won’t completely take away your pain, but they’ll certainly bring some relief.

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