Life is a journey that is full of up’s and downs. Every person goes through their own share of sorrows and happiness. While some people are able to come out of it, some prefer to take their time. One of the strongest feelings that every person goes through is pain. It is not that important to understand how many types of pains that are there, the important part is to understand which can be worse. When you talk about emotional pain vs. physical pain, it is without a doubt that the pain felt emotionally takes a long time to heal.

physical pain

Emotional pain is a pain that is not seen, there is no X-Ray, scan or any test that a person can take to know the depth of their pain. Emotional pain hits deep into our system and often leaves a scar that does not heal easily. The events and reasons behind this form of pain always play up in our minds and this is the main reason why it is not easy to forget.

The pain felt emotionally is worse than physically felt pain. It can take a toll on our health and lead to various other problems. Even scientists and studies have pointed out that the cause of various health problems is linked to the person’s emotional health. When a person is emotionally down, they tend to move away from life. It brings them to a point where at times they even cut themselves out from the people who have good intentions towards them.

During an emotional phase that shakes up a person, the person starts questioning everything that is there. While some mange to get a few answers, some are left in the dark. This pain also shows a one’s inside fear to oneself. People might say that they are strong, but there comes a point in time when even the strongest rock develops a crack.


One of the main reasons why emotional pain is worse than physical pain is because you cannot see that pain with a naked eye. It is easy to sympathies with a person; however, empathizing can really be difficult. Not everyone can actually understand the situations or live that particular moment in the same manner as the person experiencing it. This is why; there is a fine line between sympathizing and empathizing with a person.

Time is a healer. It might slowly take away the pain. However, the scars of an emotional pain will always be there. It is easy to tell people to move on, stay strong and face life as it comes; however, the various factors that surround the situation can either worsen the pain or make it better.  There is no medicine for emotional pain; the only thing that one can do is to let the person speak their heart out to feel better. This is why they say that in comparison to physical pain, the pain felt emotionally is a lot worse and far more dangerous.

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