Most awaited E-skin health tracker is few steps away from releasing

Making another big leap in the development of Electronic skin that tests the wearer’s vital statistics and health status, researchers in the University Of Tokyo have recently published a new report. According to the most recent news, the E-skin is just a few steps away from being patented and released in the market.

Water and Air- stable Making

The Electronic skin is among the most awaited researches this year. Because a lot of research work is being done to promote a healthier lifestyle, this device is expected to create a general awareness and an easy to monitor health status without the need to visit your doctor for vital stats. The E-skin faced a huge challenge when it came to the material that was to be used for the making of this device.

LED Display

The polymer that has been used in the prototype is transparent and includes transparent electrode embedded in it. These are Polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs) along with some organic light detectors and a LED display. This will display the measure of oxygen level in the wearer’s blood and also the pulse rate.

New advancements in E-skin design and development

Professor Takao Someya from the Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering has noted that they have now attained a highly stretchable and light weight by an engineered elastomeric substrate. The new PLEDs are six times more efficient in measuring the blood oxygen and a mere three-micrometers thick. The power supply for the device has achieved a battery life of a few days in contradiction to the previous prototype that functioned for just a few hours.

Aiming at healthier lifestyle and other applications

The research is aimed at producing wearable devices to display not just the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation, but also the other vitals of the patients. Very soon you will be able to keep your health at check by wearing the E-Skin.

Source : MedicalNewsToday.Com

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