Chinese holistic exercises help you deal with post traumatic stress

We all have stress of some kind or other. To some extent, stress is considered good for us. A sudden burst
of hormones can help us to perform our tasks more efficiently. It even increases the resistance of body
to fight infections. Sometimes people feel extreme anxiety after they experience some trauma like
serious injury, or threat to their life. They feel extreme fear, helpless, and are overwhelmed by pressures
of daily stress. People look out for alternate therapy to overcome their anxiety. Chinese holistic exercises
are the best way to cope with stress, and improve your health. These exercises are highly effective and
have no side effects. These exercises are very simple and easy to learn and can be done anywhere and
require no equipment. As a result, they are fast gaining popularity not only in China, but throughout the
world. Some of these holistic exercises are described below, which are very simple, but very effective.

1. Movement of eyes
Stand or sit down in a comfortable position. Move eyes in different directions without moving your face.
This simple exercise not only keeps your eyes in good condition, but also relieves mental stress. Do this
exercise for 15 to 20 minutes daily. There may be slight irritation in your eyes initially, but after few days
it will go. Result will be evident in two months, if done regularly.
2. Stretching of back
Stand straight. Without taking any support, bend your body backwards as much as possible. Repeat this
exercise 20 times. This exercise strengthens your back, and relaxes your mind and is very beneficial for
middle aged people. Initially there might be pain in different parts of body, but after five six days the
pain will disappear. People who had fractured their bones recently should avoid doing this exercise.
3. Movement of shoulders
Stand in a comfortable position. Move your shoulders up and down along with the simultaneous up and
down movement of your legs. Do this exercise daily for 15 minutes. This simple exercise loosens your
shoulders and keeps them flexible. It also helps in keeping the mind fresh. There might be little pain in
the shoulder initially, but will subside after few days. It can be done at anytime of the day.
4. Bending forward and backward
Stand straight. Stretch your hands above your head. Bend down keeping your hands stretched. Return
back to your original position and then bend backwards. This exercise keeps the mind fresh along with
strengthening back and legs. Initially there might be pain in legs, which will subside after few days.
5. Pull ups
Lie down on your stomach. Lift your body up from the ground by putting entire weight on your arms.
This exercise helps in burning calories, and avoiding stress. Repeat this exercise for 20 minute. Initially do
it only few times, and gradually increase the frequency. This is very popular amongst young men. Initiallythere might be muscular pain in the arms, but will disappear eventually. People with heart problems
should not do this exercise.

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